Tips for Storing Appliances

Appliances are big, long-term investments that can serve you for a long time. If you plan to put appliances in storage, you need to take extra precautions to store them carefully so that they can retain good condition and functionality as much as possible. Here are some important tips to follow when you are storing appliances:

  • Cover appliances with light cloth to help keep them ventilated while remaining protected from dust.
  • Make sure that appliances are well-drained before storage. If water is left behind, the moisture can attract mold and mildew.
  • Thoroughly clean appliances both inside and out. Make sure all surfaces and tubes are clear of dirt, debris, water, and ice. Also clean all filters and grates thoroughly.
  • Make sure appliances are completely dry before placing into storage.
  • Consider spraying with a bug repellant to discourage insects while in storage.
  • Place refrigerators upright during storage.
  • Wrap delicate parts, such as glass shelves in cushioned material like blankets, or bubble wrap.
  • Store appliances with doors removed or left ajar to allow air to circulate. Left with the doors closed, the appliances may grow mold and mildew.
  • Label appliance parts, and distinguish fragile parts from other parts.
  • Do not store other items inside of appliances.
  • Consider placing appliances at the back of your storage unit since it is unlikely you will need to get to them as often as your other storage items. Putting your appliances at the back will keep them out of your way.
  • Place padding on the ground beneath your appliances to prevent moisture from seeping in from the ground.
  • Consider climate-controlled storage. Extreme temperatures can damage the electrical components of your appliances.

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